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 Role-playing Rules

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PostSubject: Role-playing Rules   Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:29 pm

Role-playing Rules

This is another one of those things that you automatically agreed to when registering.

  1. No Metagaming, Power Playing, or Godmodding - Any experienced role-player will know what these three things are and how they are frowned upon. Basically, I don't want to see anyone dodging every attack, automatically hitting someone, having knowledge they normally wouldn't have, and last, but not least, controlling someone else's character.

  2. Character Placement - I don't mind if you want to get your character involved in several thousand threads, it's silly, so I won't do it, but if you do, please remember your character can only be in one village at a time. They can't be in Konoha, Suna, and Kumo at the same time. It's impossible, unless you want to role-play having a shadow clone at every location...

  3. Grammar and Spelling - I realize everyone comes from different backgrounds and has different levels of education, but please remember that you should always try your best. If you need help with your grammar or spelling, you can use Microsoft Word. It has a built in feature that does all that for you.

  4. Word Count - I'd like to see everyone try and get two-hundred words in each post. It's not much and is pretty easy to do, if you need a good idea of what to do, just go into detail about what your character is doing, what he/she is staring at, etc. . .

  5. Killing - Basically, we don't need people role-playing serial murderers thinking they can kill anyone they please. First of all, if the person, who you intend on killing, doesn't want to die, but needs to for the sake of a bigger plot, there will be a dice roll by an admin. Anything that is a five or above, results in the death of that character. As you can see, there's a small, miniscule chance of dying. However, if you're a kage of some sorts, the number required is lowered to three. This means, if an admin rolls a number of three or above, you die, sorry; the person who kills you is the new kage or leader (duh).

  6. Private Topics - If someone has created a private topic (only for a few users), you cannot join it unless you're one of those few people. Also, if someone limits the amount of users allowed, and that limit is passed, you may not join. Alternatively, if someone is trying to become a missing-nin, this rule is void.

  7. Speaking - Self-explanatory. If your character is speaking, use quotation marks. Example: "Hey dude, wassup?"
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Role-playing Rules
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